2010 Elementary Camps


2010 Elementary Camps
Crystal Springs:  Hand-in-Hand Mini (Parent/Child Camp) 
# 8657: Dates of Camp: June 20 & 21, Cost: $95 (Cost includes one child and one adult)
Grade Completed: Kindergarten
Dean's Name: Carin Reese cvreese12362@aol.com
This one-night event provides a first-time camper and an adult family member the opportunity to sample summer camp. You will sing, create, and play together. Register as same gender: mother/daughter, father/son, aunt/niece, uncle/nephew etc.
Crystal Springs:  C.A.M.P. - Come and Make Pals Mini
# 8659: June 20-22
Grades Completed: 1 – 3, Cost:  $165
Deans: Carin and Jeff Reese, cvreese12362@aol.com
Many activities are packed into this two-night camp – a great choice for young or first-time campers.  They'll canoe, swim, scooterboard, play games, and ride the train, as well as experience chapel and firebowl.
Crystal Springs:  Camp Hang Out Mini
# 8651: June 24-26
Grades Completed: 4-6, Cost:  $165
Deans: Carin Reese, cvreese12362@aol.com
Co-Dean: Jeff Reese, jreese9999@aol.com
A two-night, three-day camp designed especially for first-time campers and older kids who need a shorter week. Campers will “hop” at meals, experience chapel and firebowl, and try activities like mountain boarding, archery, laser tag, canoeing, swimming, and “yuck games” with friends and counselors.  
Crystal Springs:  Kids With A Purpose: Dive In!
# 8652: mini - July 11-13
# 8656: mini - July 15-17
 Grades Completed 1 – 3  Cost: $165
Perfect for young campers - a week of fun packed into 3 days and 2 nights!  Take a leap of faith and DIVE IN to Kids With a Purpose Mini 2010!  Join us for horsemanship, swimming, music, and more fun and crazy activities!  Crystal Springs is the perfect place to learn about God's love and to meet new friends.  Space is limited, so sign up early!
 # 8655 :  full week - July11-17
Grades Completed 3-6   Cost: $369
Dean: Lisa Johansen, ljdirect@yahoo.com
Co-Dean: Beth Balgenorth, beth.balgenorth@gmail.com       
Take a leap of faith and Dive In to Kids With a Purpose 2010!  Horsemanship, laser tag, booking, sports, and swimming are just a few awesome things available.  Have you ever dumped a big bucket of goo on your favorite counselor?  Or played in a soap suds contest?  Whatever it is, we’ll be over our heads in fun and crazy activities.  Come join us!
Crystal Springs:  S.P.L.A.T: Seek, Pray, Learn, Act, Teach
Mini Camps:  Grades Completed 1-3 Cost: $165
# 8660: mini - July 18-20
# 8661: mini - July 22-24
Dean: Susan Rinehart, susan.rinehart@nilesschools.org
# 8658: full week -July 18-24 
Grades Completed: 4-7 Cost: $369
Dean: Jeff Vanlue: jtvanlue@netzero.net
Co-Dean: Carrie Rinehart: rinehartnhs@yahoo.com
Come to Seek, Pray, Learn, Act, andTeach for the glory of God.  S.P.L.A.T. Camp is about starting or continuing a walk with God.  Fantastic camp fun includes canoeing, swimming, roller-skating, laser tag, slip-n-sliding, singing, dancing, and lots of other awesome activities.  Sign up today and get ready for a God-filled week of spectacular worship, games, and friends!
Crystal Springs:  Fun, Faith and Fine Arts
# 8961:
June 27-July 3
Grades Completed: 4-7 Cost: $369
Dean: Pam Cowgill, pamcowgill@msn.com
Look at God through art- do you act, sing, dance, take photos, build motorized Legos, woodwork, scrapbook or play an instrument? Choose from 20 different arts interest groups, plus all the fun camp activities.
Crystal Springs:  A Dangerous Camp for Boys
# 8956: July 25-31 
Grades Completed:4-6  Cost: $369
Dean: Rodney DeHaan,rhdehaanfamily@comcast.net
From making a pinhole projector to building a tree fort, we’ll show you how a Dangerous Boy lives.  We're going to sing and dance in chapel and have fire bowl every night.  Daily activities include mountain boarding, archery, canoeing, and of course, swimming.  So come and join us for a great time growing closer to God and making new friends! 
Crystal Springs:  Laura Ingalls Wilder Camp
# 8957: July 25 - 31
Grades Completed: 6-8  Cost:  $369
Dean: Kristin Camburn, stin20@aol.com
Co-Dean: Cindy Einselen, einselen@juno.com
Have you ever wished you could live in the Little House in the Big Woods?  Travel back to the 1880s and live like Laura lived.  Horseback trail ride, make soap, candles, and embroidery.  Bible study based on the Little House series.  Plus swimming, canoeing, campfires, singing, and chapel. 
Wesley Woods:  W.O.W. Week of Wonder: Camp - The Musical!
#8628-02 mini August 15-18
#8628-03 mini August 18-21
Grades Completed: K-3 
Check-In: 3:00 pm/ Checkout 10:00 am
Cost:  $199
# 8628-01: full week -August 15-21
Grades Completed: 3 - 6
Dean:Anika Kasper, anikakasper@gmail.com
Co Dean: Aubrey LeeAnn Dull, aubreyleeann@gmail.com
Check-In: 3:00pm / Check- Out: 10:00am
Cost: $369
W.O.W. Week of Wonder: Camp – The Musical!
With a song on the lips, a dance in the pants, we are off to discover that the best characters we play are the ones God designed us to be! You don’t have to like music or musicals to get a backstage pass to a WONDERful, action-packed week! Join us for canoeing, kayaking, swimming, mountain-boarding, sports of all kinds, art, science, musical-making, and so much more!


Wesley Woods: Active Christian Training (A.CT. IV, V & VI): Animated for Christ
# 8972-02: Camp V (mini) July 18-21
# 8972-03: Camp VI (mini) July 21-24
Grades Completed: 1-3
Dean: Dennis Dull dulltwo@yahoo.com
Dean: Jeannine Brown, jeanninebrown24@gmail.com       
Check-In: 3:00pm / Check- Out: 10:00am
Cost: $199
# 8972-01: Camp IV (full week) July 18-24
Grades Completed: 3- 6
Dean: Dennis Dull, dulltwo@yahoo.com
Dean: Jeannine Brown, jeanninebrown24@gmail.com       
Check-In: 3:00pm / Check- Out: 10:00am
Cost: $369
Active Christian Training (A.CT. IV):  Animated for Christ 
Help us learn to “laugh like David” as we explore what the Bible says about laughter.  The week is filled with cartoon characters and righteous fun.  So - if you like to laugh and play baseball, cheerlead, craft, drama/praise, hockey, horseback, karate, mountain board, science adventures, soccer, swim, kayak, and canoe, then this IS the camp for you!
Wesley Woods:  Active Christian Training (A.CT. II & III): The Ultimate Game Show
# 8971-02: Camp II (mini) July 25-28
# 8971-03: Camp III (mini) July 28-31
Grades Completed: K-2
Check-In: 3:00pm / Check- Out: 10:00am
Cost: $199
# 8971-01: Camp I (full week) July 25-31     
Grades Completed: 3 -6 
Dean: Ron and Amee Bekkering, act123@hughes.net
Check-In: 3:00pm / Check- Out: 10:00am
Cost: $369
Active Christian Training (A.CT. II & III): The Ultimate Game Show
You’ve seen them on TV; now come play with us The Most Amazing Game Show. If you’re a fan of being active, whether iin sports or other activities, come join our outrageous staff for a fun-filled week of learning about Jesus and risking all you’ve got for Him.


Lake Michigan Camp:  S.O.S.: Serving Our Savior: Beach Party
#8642: (mini) June 20-23
#8643: (mini) June 23-26
Grades completed 1-2
Dean: Cathy Christman, cchristman2006@hotmail.com
Dean: Amy Fuller, moniquefuller@yahoo.com
Check-In: 3:00pm / Check-Out: 10:00am
Cost: $199
#8644: (full week) June 20-26
Grades completed 3-5
Dean: Cathy Christman, cchristman2006@hotmail.com
Dean: Amy Fuller, moniquefuller@yahoo.com
Check-In: 3:00pm / Check-Out: 10:00am
Cost: $369
S.O.S: Beach Party
What do you like best about Lake Michigan United Methodist Camp?  The food?  The staff?  How about the beach?!?  Come and join us for a beach party!  We will enjoy a week partying with awesome friends and staff, studying God's word, and of course spending a lot of time on the beach!  The week will be complete with ice cream making, campfires on the beach, and the John Denley Band on Friday night.  Don't forget your sunblock and shades!  See you at the beach!


Lake Michigan Camp - Disciples on the Dunes: School of The ROCK

#8634: July 18-24
Grades Completed: 4-6 (3rd grade if older siblings attend)
Dean: Larry Travis, larryptravis@hotmail.com
Co-Dean: Bruce Zerlaut, bruce.zerlaut@rdnestle.com
Cost of Camp: $369
Check-in: 3:00pm / Check-out: 10:00am
Disciples on the Dunes: School of The ROCK
Come to the School of The ROCK and learn all you can about our ROCK, Jesus.  You will discover the many blessings you can have when you build your life on The ROCK. Join us for an awesome week of interactive Bible studies, praise singing, crafts, talent showcase, sports, fire bowl, beach time, and more!
Lake Michigan Camp - FUN IN THE SON: Camp Idol
Mini Camps:
#8631: July July 25-28
#8632: July 28-31       
Grades Completed: 1-2
Dean: Jeff Norton, 6nortons@comcast.net
Dean: Pam Gombert gombertpj@aol.com   
Check-in: 3:00-4:00pm / Check-out: 10:00am
Cost: $199
Full Week Camp:
#8633: July 25-31       
Grades Completed: 3-5
Cost: $369
Fun in the Son: Camp Idol
Presenting Camp Idol! We'll spend the week learning how to show the world just how awesome our one true idol is, and how to be just like him.  In addition to Bible study, we'll play tons of fun games, do some crafts, make new friends, and spend time on the beach.  It will be a great week to get to know God through the life and parables of Jesus.


Lake Louise:  Elementary Week: Elementary Bears
(Register directly with Lake Louise Camp)
Dates:                      Teddy Bear, August 8-10
                                 Black Bear August 8-11
                                Polar Bear August 8-14
Grades Completed:                 Teddy Bear, Age 4 – Grade 2
                               Black Bear, Grades 1-3
                               Polar Bear, Grades 3-6
Cost:                        Teddy Bear $125 per person
                                Black Bear $185 per person
                                Polar Bear $356 Coordinating
Co-Deans: Lynn Manderville, June Smith, Kendall Janka, and Carla Alexander 
God’s Gifts. Each camper and their special guest will venture into God’s beautiful gift to us, in nature, friendships, and in ourselves. Campers and guests will spend time together in camp activities and time apart seeking God’s call on their lives. Be ready for a tremendous adventure! Our goal is to deepen the understanding of the stories of our faith and to provide an experience that moves children toward independence, resilience, and confidence. At Teddy Bear Camp, children and adults are housed and participate in activities together. Black Bear Camp is the second step, and children and adults are housed separately, but participate in activities together and separately. Polar Bear Camp is the third step, and older elementary-aged children participate in a week of camp independently.
Lake Louise:  Choir Camp
Date: July 4-10  Cost: $377
Grades Completed: 4-13
Deans: Terry and Dave Gladstone
We are community! Most of our campers start with us and come back every year. That’s because of wonderful counselors, great achievements, and fantastic, supportive new friends. We become friends through singing, great evening events, hilarity, cabin mates, wonderful counselors, fun activities, challenging thoughts, and all of this while singing God’s praise surrounded by God’s creation. At the end of the week we put on an awe-inspiring concert.
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